Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


​On Wednesday 13/7/2022, the 13th DeCAIR Steering Committee Meeting was held in person at the University of Genoa / Italy during the DeCAIR Team visit, and also it was held virtually via Zoom. The following topics were discussed during this meeting:

 - Status review and planning for the following work packages:

    * WP3: Implementing the new MSc program in UJ which was recently approved, accredited, and set to start in Fall 2022.

    * WP4: Implementing the new BSc program in TTU

    * WP5: Improving curricula of current MSc programs in JO and LB

    * WP6: Improving curricula of current BSc programs in JO and LB

    * WP7: Building capacity in AIR in universities of Partner Countries

    * WP8: Establishing and developing AIR labs

    * WP10: Quality Assurance

    * WP12: Results dissemination

 - Scheduling the next SC meeting in Stuttgart, Germany.​