Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


On Tuesday 22/112022, the 15h DeCAIR Steering Committee Meeting was held through Zoom platform. The following topics were discussed during this meeting:

* Status review and planning for the following three work packages:
  - WP9: Implementing modern teaching methods – Presented by Gheith and Lutfi, and included update about Amman workshop and planning for Lebanon workshop.
  - WP7: Building capacity in AIR in universities of Partner Countries – Presented by Gheith for Lucia, and included planning capacity building workshops in Jordan and Lebanon, and planning two-week training courses for top students in European partner countries.
  - WP8: Establishing and developing AIR labs – Presented by Sobhi, Clovis, & Gheith

* Listing the developed courses that are offered in Fall 2022, and planning for their evaluation – Presented by Gheith, Ahmad, Murad, Clovis, Sobhi, & Sofia

* Scheduling the next Steering Committee meeting to be held in Beirut in January 2023.