Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


On Wed and Thu 11 and 12/1/2023, representatives of the DeCAIR project visited Beirut Arab University (BAU). The project coordinators Gheith Abandah, Ahmad Bataineh, Murad Al-aqtash, and Dimos Papakonstantinou, and Lutfi Alsharif visited Dibbiyeh and Beirut campuses of the university. The visit included meeting with BAU president (Prof. Amr El-Adawi), Dean of Student affairs (Prof. Soubhi Abou Shaheen), and Dean of Engineering (Prof. Adel Elkordi). The visit also included visiting the engineering labs including the new labs equipped through the DeCAIR project and meeting the Dean of School of Medicine to learn about this school's experience in modern teaching techniques.