Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


Universidad de Granada (UGR)

The University of Granada (UGR), founded in 1531, has over 60,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, with another 20,000 students taking additional courses. UGR employs 3650 lecturers and over 2000 administration, technical and maintenance staff. Through the Spanish Research Programme, as well as other national programmes and organisations, the University supports 165 research projects, and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Business has provided financial support to 78 Projects of Excellence. In Computer Science and Engineering, UGR is ranked no. 33 by ARWU 2017 (no. 1 in Spain and no. 7 in Europe). The research group of the members of this partner (Soft Computing and Intelligent Information Systems), which is formed by 43 doctors and 17 PhD students, has advised 78 PhD from 1996 and published 870+ refereed journal papers.