Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics



CRE.THI.DEV. is a non-profit company aimed at community development through the research and development of action plans, focused on the local and social economies, mainly on the fields of life-long learning, environmental protection, employment and local development, throughout Greece. The company establishes close cooperation with local and regional authorities, government authorities and business associations in order to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development through research and the raising of awareness in local communities towards available development projects. In this framework the company organizes and promotes studies and research projects, participates in European projects, cooperates with universities, companies, government authorities, technological centers and organizations, vocational training centers and business associations, focusing on the exchange of knowledge, technology and innovation. CRE.THI.DEV has 10 members and a big network of scientists from various disciplines. CRE.THI.DEV was established in 2012, by D. Papakonstantinou, Managing Director and Board Advisor for 24 years, of ELKEDE TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN CENTER SA, a semi-public a Research and Technology Institute with European and international orientation, for the support of several industrial sectors. Although CRE.THI.DEV is a recently founded company of six years, it has developed activities in life-long learning mainly with its participation in EU-funded and nationally funded projects. Nowadays, CRE.THI.DEV. can demonstrate an impressive collection of 24 National, European and International projects: ERASMUS+ projects (Capacity Building, Knowledge Alliance, Strategic Partnerships and Sport), EEA and Norway Grants projects, and Interreg-MED projects. The staff, members and partners of CRE.THI.DEV come from various scientific backgrounds and have great experience in coordinating and implementing projects on a broad spectrum of topics including, but not limited to, innovation, skills matching, entrepreneurship, transversal and creative skills.