Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

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Quality Assurance


Creative Thinking Development


Project Quality Assurance aims to ensure that the current project will meet the expected results in the most efficient way, and that deliverables will be reviewed and accepted by the relevant stakeholders. It involves overseeing all activities needed to maintain a desired level of excellence. This includes creating and implementing quality planning and assurance, as well as quality control and quality improvement. The proposed activities for this work package include developing the selection criteria for the master students that will be enrolled in the program, and the national accreditation of the new/modified courses for existing programs. This package will collect relevant information through surveys to monitor the program progress and identify any shortcomings to quickly handle them.


• All bachelor engineering programs at the University of Jordan had their ABET accreditation renewed for the 2022 – 2028 cycle.
• Finalized all internal evaluation forms for project meetings, deliverables, syllabi, training, events, and the yearly evaluation forms and the quality control plan.
• Assigned an external auditor evaluator from the EU.
• Conducted frequent surveys and regularly analysed the result and assessed them regarding the quality metrics agreed upon.