Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

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Collaboration with Industry and Community


Lebanese University


The goal of this package is to organize awareness workshops in Jordan and Lebanon in AI and Robotics, and meetings to streamline problem identification and solution among industry and academia. This will allow for future collaboration between local industries and academia and promote solving real-life problems utilizing the help of academic experts in their respective fields, while offering hand-on experience for graduate and undergraduate students.


• DeCAIR organized an event in Genoa where AI demos implemented at the University of Genoa were presented. Furthermore, industrial Italian companies and spin-offs operating in the AI field presented their state-of-the-art projects utilizing AI and Robots. The Companies' presentations and UNIGE research groups demos can be found in the links below:

Event Link 1: Companies Presentations Part One

Event Link 2: Companies Presentations Part Two

Event Link 3: UNIGE Research Groups

• DeCAIR organized a workshop in Lebanon on 2nd March that focused on the best practices in collaboration between academia and industry. Talks delivered from the industry include ones by AI Labs, ITEC Industrial Technologies, Zeenni’s Trading Agency among others. The workshop included a round-table discussion on how to sustain academia and industry collaboration.

Even Link: Lebanon Collaboration With Industry Workshop

• DeCAIR organized a workshop entitled “Establishing and Reinforcing the Collaboration between Industry and Academia” on Thursday, March 31st, 2022. The workshop focused on collaboration in the field of AI and Robotics and included talks by the Italian soft Robotics company "Joint", Al-Jawdah Company for Business Solutions, and the Director of the Faculty for Factory (FFF) project at UJ.

Even Link: Jordan Collaboration With Industry Workshop