Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Work packages


WP 5


Improving Existing MSc Programs in Jordan and Lebanon by Implementing or Including AI and Robotics Courses


University of Stuttgart


The goal of work package five is to improve four existing master programs in Jordan and Lebanon by implementing or including AI and Robotics courses into existing curricula. The work is based on the results
of the surveys conducted in WP1. The main aim of this WP is to develop syllabi and content for added and/or modified courses while taking into consideration the work conducted in WP2. All syllabi are designed and
reviewed based on feedback from all involved partners.


• Introduced four new courses in the University of Jordan’s MSc program in Computer Engineering and Networks: Applied ML, Applied Data Science, Computer Vision, and Computational Intelligence.
• Introduced the Advanced Robotic course at the Lebanese University MSc program in Robotics and Intelligent Systems
• Introduced four new courses in the Beirut’s Arab University MSc program in Computer Engineering: Cognitive Robotics, Computational Aspects of Robotics, Reinforcement Learning, and Autonomous Systems.
• Improved and updated current courses in the MSc program in Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics (JUST), the Robotics and Intelligent Systems (LU), and Computer Engineering (BAU).