Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Work packages


WP 8


Establishing AI and Robotics Laboratories in Universities of Partner Countries


Beirut Arab University


To support the current AIR courses in both the BSc and MSc programs at partner universities, the current labs must be updated with new equipment to support the course and program outcomes. The goal of this work
package is to identify which labs must be updated or created, as well as which hardware and software packages must be procured and licensed. The hardware includes computer systems with sufficient computational power
to run modern AI applications, specialized development kits to support both AI and Robotic systems, as well as robots and robotic arms.


• A comprehensive list of required hardware software was finalized.
• A call for tender was announced for the required equipment by UJ for the three Jordanian partners (UJ, JUST, and TTU). Offers were received and studied, and orders for two thirds of the needed equipment were made, and many of these equipment have already been received.
• Two calls for tenders were also announced for new equipment at LU and BAU (Lebanon) and many of these equipment have already been received.